Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thx to liting and yingtyng for the bag. Manchester United eh!! Bu she de yong =D

Thx to Andrea and leyi for making me the bday card. And everyone hu has written in the card. =D

Thx to those hu wished me at 12.

Thx to those who wished me on facebook.

And Special thanks to Manchester United. Its an unforgettable bday thrash!!
Excited for the young devils. =D

Miss all the laughters in school =(
And Happy 54th Birthday to Malaysia!

Monday, August 8, 2011

99 more days to SPM if not mistaken. Time to start preparing! =D (If i could...)

Red is the colour of the day. Manchester City makes money, but Manchester United makes history.

And lastly, i don't understand why some weird ppl like to comment on ppl's fb status or post if thy find tht guy annoying and irritating. Its kinda weird. I wont comment on ppl's post if i dun like thm.

别对号入座 =D