Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh it's been a month since last update. Thx to the trials. My add-maths paper is devastating. And the malay can she just simply add 10 15 or 20 marks to an essay paper? She's crazy. Damn unfair to those hu was not added any marks. CRAZY.

Feeling bad to noe those hu was once friend, and no longer. Was so SHOCKED to noe how thy think of me. Once good friends and now not reliable.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thx to liting and yingtyng for the bag. Manchester United eh!! Bu she de yong =D

Thx to Andrea and leyi for making me the bday card. And everyone hu has written in the card. =D

Thx to those hu wished me at 12.

Thx to those who wished me on facebook.

And Special thanks to Manchester United. Its an unforgettable bday thrash!!
Excited for the young devils. =D

Miss all the laughters in school =(
And Happy 54th Birthday to Malaysia!

Monday, August 8, 2011

99 more days to SPM if not mistaken. Time to start preparing! =D (If i could...)

Red is the colour of the day. Manchester City makes money, but Manchester United makes history.

And lastly, i don't understand why some weird ppl like to comment on ppl's fb status or post if thy find tht guy annoying and irritating. Its kinda weird. I wont comment on ppl's post if i dun like thm.

别对号入座 =D

Sunday, June 19, 2011

70 is wht i asked myself when the year starts.
After the mid term exam i expected to get 68-69.
And yesterday, i got my report card, 70 is written there!!
I just cant believe it wohooo!! My best result in chonghwa!
And now i promise myself, i will improve, going above 70! 
Eason Chan's free concert ticket sponsored by sis ahahahaaa!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oooh its holiday. =D

Teachers giving out our exam papers. I'm quite satisfied with my result (currently). This might be the best result i've had in 5 years secondary school life (i noe my results sucks compare to u guys), though it's probably NOT the best i could get, i WILL improve in the next exam. B)

And finally, holidays arrived!! xD
However, it has started to get boring on the very 1st day of holiday. SIEN ==
The 1st week of holiday is very much packed with a camp coming up, forced by frens to join TT How about the 2nd week? Oh i noe, study for SPM :p

Its Champions League Final!!!! Okay, we lost to the better team, probably the best team on earth. No complains. This Champions League Final doesn't really make me feel sad, just abit disappointed. It would be very much different if the team is one of our local rivals. ==

If u noe me well, u noe u can come pointing the finger at me, laughing at a very annoying way, and tease me with this losing stuff, i would probably ask u "DIAM LA" with a smiley face, its just a joke between friends. This doesnt mean i'm not dedicated to the club i supported since young, just that im no tht kind of fanatic fans tht would shout at you and even affect the friendship. Why so serious?

Happy holiday friends!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Never thought watching a football game would affect my mood so badly when i first started watching 6 years ago. The very first time i was deeply saddened was the game back on March 6, losing 3-1 to Liverpool. Today May 1, losing to arsenal 1-0.

Next week biggest game of the season. Manchester United against Chelsea. If we really dropped to 2nd place next weekend, guess it'll be the SADDEST game of all. Considering they were once 18 points behind, and thy won yesterday with 3 blind officials on the field. 19th record title is at stake. Fate is in our own hand. Take this MU.

Btw, tommorrow's 2nd outing with 5aXin's friends. Let's hope everything is over in my mind when i wake up tommorrow. Despite my poor english, i'll be updating the blog in english mostly. Wasted too much time typing in chinese. =)

I'm one of the red devils till i die.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

时隔半年,再度回来 =D
今年这班,足球好像很强酱,有望了。 =D

就酱,三个月过了,那个一直在耳朵边绕来绕去的 S...P..M..越来越近,人生中最重要的试卷,越来越近。心里完全没感觉,这是好事还是坏事? ==