Sunday, May 1, 2011

Never thought watching a football game would affect my mood so badly when i first started watching 6 years ago. The very first time i was deeply saddened was the game back on March 6, losing 3-1 to Liverpool. Today May 1, losing to arsenal 1-0.

Next week biggest game of the season. Manchester United against Chelsea. If we really dropped to 2nd place next weekend, guess it'll be the SADDEST game of all. Considering they were once 18 points behind, and thy won yesterday with 3 blind officials on the field. 19th record title is at stake. Fate is in our own hand. Take this MU.

Btw, tommorrow's 2nd outing with 5aXin's friends. Let's hope everything is over in my mind when i wake up tommorrow. Despite my poor english, i'll be updating the blog in english mostly. Wasted too much time typing in chinese. =)

I'm one of the red devils till i die.

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